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You have heard the name and you have likely even seen them. Do you know, though, what transformers are for? Do you know what they do or why they are necessary? The truth is that transformers are critical to the operation of many electrical products on both large and small scales.

Most electric powered machines are made to operate using a specific frequency and voltage. The problem with this seemingly elementary concept is that voltage and frequency vary by country and sometimes even by areas within a country.

The solution to the voltage and frequency problem is transformers. What transformers do is take the voltage and adjust it as it comes into the appliance or machine to the proper level. They also push the electricity through the machine to keep it running correctly.

Most transformers are what are called autotransformers. Autotransformers are smaller in size, weigh less, and have good voltage stability as well as overload tolerance. These transformers are not just the most common, but are also preferred by manufacturers. In most cases, the adjustments are to gears and other moving parts and are to correct the speed of operation.

We know that frequency and voltage vary by location, and we know that transformers can solve the voltage problem. What, then, about the frequency? The truth is, transformers cannot adjust frequency, but frequency alone is rarely a factor in the operation of an electrical appliance. When frequency is an issue, physical adjustments need to be made in the machine or appliance.

Serving a similar purpose are Amplifiers. Amplifiers work to increase the magnitude of of an electronic signal. For more info, you can look for Amplifier Manufacturers, or read up on our Electronics Guides, or Electrical Power Guides.

The discovery of electricity and subsequent invention of electric devices was a huge step in the improvement of our cultures technological capabilities. What if, though, we were not able to move our inventions and devices from one area of the world, or even country, to another? Without transformers, our electronic capabilities would be slowed by the barriers of space, and not just by the time of development.

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