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Machining System and Laser Encoders Team Up for Accurate Large Composite Parts
Flow International's Composites Machining Center, or CMC, is fitted with two Renishaw laser encoders to produce composite parts with ultra-tight tolerances. The machine has found use among Airbus' Tier 1 partners. [Continue Reading]
A Machine Maker Invests to Close the Skills Gap
Fives Cincinnati, a maker of composite and metal machining systems, says the skills gap is very real in northern Kentucky and southern Ohio. It is taking the labor shortage head-on with apprenticeship training, local school curriculum development, and community outreach. [Continue Reading]
Innovative Contouring-Head Machine Gains Traction
Fives Giddings & Lewis thus far has built for customers two specialty horizontal machines with an integrated contouring head using standard tools to produce complex parts. It says they bring advantages over conventional machines with two auxiliary heads and manual tool changes. [Continue Reading]
High-Pressure Water Shapes Finely Detailed Metal Parts
A process called fluid-forming is gaining steam in North America, attracting users including Airbus, BMW, and Nokia. It reportedly can produce high-detail, close-tolerance parts with low scrap rates using high-pressure water. [Continue Reading]

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Custom Manufacturing & Fabricating info:

Custom manufacturing provides built-to-order parts, custom products, and select services, sometimes using specialized processes or equipment unavailable in standard production techniques. These processes create a significant amount of the components and machinery used in today's industrial marketplace. In principle, custom manufacturing also extends to many of the pre- and post-treatment services used to produce a finished item, such as grinding, which applies abrasives to remove excess material and shape a product to better fit its intended design. It encompasses a broad range of methods, and can involve both manual and automated controls.

Fabrication is another term used to designate a wide array of industrial procedures. Generally speaking, it is the shaping and forming of raw or processed materials to create a component. Fabrication can involve cutting, welding, casting, molding, extruding, as well as many other techniques used alone or in combination with one another. Custom fabricating can be a streamlined or multi-stage process, with computer-controlled or manually operated tools and machinery. Chemicals also play a role in numerous fabrication processes, ranging from material treatment to outright shaping.


Alternatives to Casting
Casting is versatile and can create complex geometries.
How Swiss Screw Machines Work
Screw machines are automated lathes which can machine turned parts.
Applications of Electroless Nickel Plating
This article briefly explains the electro nickel plating process and its benefits. Current density levels involved in the process, as well as pre-treatment cleaning are also included.
Deep Drawing: Benefits and Industrial Applications
A discussion of industrial deep drawing: how it works, when it's beneficial, and factors that influence cost.

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White Papers

Grindal Company Grinding Specialist Since 1965
This paper states that developments in hard turning have been many, and a major cost saving to companies that require tight tolerances for certain applications. It explains how grinding is the best choice when coming to quality control surface finish to Ra6 holding size to tolerances within .0001 to .0002 or better roundness within 30 millionths....
Grinding & Honing to Achieve Required Micro Finish.
Highlighting that engineers strive for designing the better components in order to fit into assemblies, this paper throws light on the subject of micro finish and different ways of measuring surface roughness in various procedures required in metal forming application. The paper points that as the compressed product lifecycle demands higher...
Compressed Timeline
Stating that metal stamping and fabrication is an extremely competitive market, this paper highlights how the Germantown Tool company lost a bid for a new project and also details how the same company managed to get the project back and delivered on-time. It explains how the laser used in the laser cutting process was programmed within hours for...
What Do You Need to Know about Pallet Rack?
This paper states in order to optimize the most efficient pallet racking solution for a new distribution facility or reconfiguring an existing facility, several factors should be considered from engineering to design and installation. It details how factors such as full time employee equivalents and quantity, size, weight, and movement velocity of...

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