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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThomasNet? is the leading product sourcing and supplier discovery platform for procurement professionals, engineers, plant & facility management personnel, small business owners and other occasional buyers, who are responsible for the sourcing of MRO, OEM and other products/services for their industrial, manufacturing, commercial and institutional businesses. ThomasNet is brought to you by Thomas Industrial Network sm , a wholly owned subsidiary of Thomas Publishing Company. Thomas has been connecting industrial buyers and suppliers for over 100 years.

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How do I search on ThomasNet?

ThomasNet provides the ability to search by a Product/Service or Company and to define geography within the United States and Canada. For example, you can enter a keyword in the text box and search for a Product/Service - linear bushing ball bearings or search for a Company - Acme Manufacturing in Virginia.

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What if I donít know how to define what Iím looking for?

Browse the Directory Categories available from the Home Page and from the Global Navigation at the top of every page to help you find what youíre looking for. Browsing the Directory Categories can also help you define your search term.

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What is My Thomas?

My Thomas is a powerful suite of tools that was designed to help you take advantage of the information you find at ThomasNet: Contact companies in a trusted environment Save search results, company information and product details Quickly and easily share information with colleagues Receive industry newsletters and alerts Customize product news feeds to specific areas of interest

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What are Directory Categories?

ThomasNet has a dedicated team of Editors that review company and product information and assign Directory Categories based on the type of products and services a company provides. There are more than 65,000 Directory Categories included in ThomasNet to help you find exactly what youíre looking for as quickly as possible. Directory Categories range from very broad (pumps) to very specific (air operated double diaphragm pumps).

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What are Directory Results?

The Directory Results combine the industrial expertise of ThomasNet and search technology to make it easy to quickly find what you're looking for. Using your search term, Directory Results deliver the most relevant Directory Category. For example, search for Five Way Ball Valves and the Directory Results will deliver results within the Ball Valve Category. Then use the suite of Modify Tools to find precisely what you're looking for. Directory results provide the ability to modify search results based on: Keyword Zip Code State Company Type - Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company, Custom Manufacturer, Manufacturer's Representative ISO Certifications Minority Owned Information Available - Product Catalog, CAD Drawings

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What are Web Results?

Similar to a search engine, ThomasNet has indexed industrial content to deliver the most relevant industrial search results. Search for Pumps in ThomasNet and youíll never find information about Shoes! ThomasNet uses the leading search technology of FAST, to deliver the most relevant industrial search results. For example, if you search for ľ inch stainless steel tubing, the search results would deliver the most relevant information related to ľ inch stainless steel tubing. The information could be a link to a relevant page within a Company Website, specific information contained in a Company Profile, or relevant Product Catalog.

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What is a Company Profile?

Every company on ThomasNet has a Company Profile which is available as a link from search results. Company Profiles may include the following information*: Relevant information about the company and the products and services they provide that relate to the search term you entered in ThomasNet. Links to relevant pages on the company website that relate to the search term you entered in ThomasNet. Links to relevant Product Catalogs and CAD drawings. Contact information for the company including address and phone number. A link to the company Website. Description of the company and the company activities including number of employees and year founded. Contact link to send an e-mail to the Company. The information included in a Company Profile is periodically reviewed with the company to ensure the information is current. However, if you find information is not current or relevant, please send us your feedback. A feedback link is provided on the bottom of every Company Profile. *Not all companies opt to provide all elements/information. At a minimum, company name, address and phone number are provided.

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What is a Product Catalog?

A Product Catalog is product specific information provided by a company. Product specific information can include: Product Name Part/Product # Product Specifications such as material, dimensions, capabilities, etc. Pricing Drawings/Images Product Catalogs have been integrated into ThomasNet so search results include links directly to the relevant page within the Product Catalog. In addition, within the Directory you can modify your search results to view companies with relevant Product Catalogs.

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What is Product News?

ThomasNet Product News Room provides current, reliable industrial news articles which are delivered on a timely basis covering the whole range of products from adhesives through waste handling equipment. This premier news source serves the new product information needs of the industrial marketplace through websites, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds, e-marketplaces and online publications.

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How do I contact a company listed on ThomasNet?

If a company chooses to participate, ThomasNet will include a Contact link in the search results and on the Company Profile for a specific company. When you use the communication features on ThomasNet to contact suppliers, you will be asked to supply the contact information required by these companies to respond to your request. Depending on how you wish the company to respond to your request, you may be asked for the following: Telephone Number; Fax Number; Mailing Address and e-mail. We will only forward the contact information required to respond to your request and will not disclose your e-mail address unless you request to be contacted by e-mail.

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How do I provide feedback to ThomasNet?

Your feedback is important to us! We're interested in how you use ThomasNet, how we can improve ThomasNet and additional types of information that would be useful to you and your colleagues. Feedback links are available throughout the site to make it easy to provide feedback on a specific page (Company Profile, search result). Or use the Provide Feedback link on the bottom of every page.

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How can I get my company included on ThomasNet?

Promote Your Business on ThomasNet where millions of industrial buyers look for products, services and suppliers. Learn more about how ThomasNet can help you convert Website visitors to customers. Submit Your Site to have your company's information included on

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