To Our Readers: Happy Holidays from ThomasNet News

By William Ng

The holidays are a time to consider all that we’re thankful for, and you are on our list. [Read More...]

Spotlight: Brian Courtney, GE, on Industrial Internet’s Big Data Opportunities and Big Challenges

GE's Brian Courtney is a bit like an explorer in the newly discovered, uncharted territory of industrial Big Data. After all, what engineer wouldn't want to know what was happening with every piece of equipment on the assembly line or every product unit in service out in the field every day? [Read More...]

Even Small Manufacturers Need Robust Cybersecurity

By Tracey Schelmetic

Once upon a time, manufacturers didn’t worry very much about the security of their machinery and processes beyond simply locking the doors. Today, of course, more and more equipment is networked to enable information sharing. [Read More...]

Enterprise Resource Planning: Better On-Premise or Cloud-based?

By Tracey Schelmetic

The majority of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are installed on-premises and maintained by in-house IT personnel. However, ERP solutions are increasingly being offered in the cloud, and manufacturers are finding multiple advantages from the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. [Read More...]

Peering Inside Industrial Processes with Google Glass

By Tracey Schelmetic

Google Glass could become ubiquitous in corporate corridors, but it’s also likely to become a familiar sight on shop floors, near assembly lines, in labs, and on loading docks. One app currently in development allows users to see inside factory machines to help diagnose problems and aid in troubleshooting and maintenance. [Read More...]

Digital Factories Will Need New Kinds of Workers

The growth of additive manufacturing, remote diagnostics, and data-gathering "smart products" will have a profound impact on manufacturing as we know it, according to experts. [Read More...]

New Framework Provides Transparent Carbon Tracking for Data Centers

Data centers consume 2 percent of the world's energy. A global consortium of IT organizations called the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) is promoting an open and standard approach for measuring the carbon footprint of services provided from the cloud. [Read More...]

Data Visualization Part II: Determining the ROI

By David Sims

Nailing down the return on investment (ROI) for a data visualization initiative is difficult. The key is to view these tools in terms of the business benefit, business productivity, and IT efficiency. [Read More...]

How to Get Your IT Staff Ready for the Industrial Internet

As more businesses get ready to embrace the Industrial Internet, a question arises as to whether their IT staffs are prepared to tackle the challenge. Furthermore, what IT resources do manufacturers need to bring the Industrial Internet into their plants? [Read More...]

Data Visualization Part I: How to Find the Right Tool for Your Business

By David Sims

At its core, data visualization is based on a strikingly simple proposition -- it’s easier to see connections, relationships, and trends when they’re graphically displayed than it is to stare at a bunch of numbers. That realization has created such a demand for data visualization products that it has sparked an “arms race” among the makers of the technology. [Read More...]

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