How to Know When Product Lifecycle Management Is Not for You

By David Sims

Strategies for product development and management can be extraordinarily useful and profitable -- or they can be red herrings, rabbit trails you’re better off ignoring. For some companies, product lifecycle management (PLM) can be one of them. [Read More...]

ConnectKey Software Harmonizes the Office and the Cloud

Xerox is a company transforming itself from a developer and manufacturer of copiers and printers into a provider of services and solutions. Throughout the transformation, they have attempted to retain the tradition of technological innovation that has been a hallmark of the company since its inception. [Read More...]

Is OEE An Effective Metric for Assessing Industrial Production?

Using the right metrics is crucial to achieving successful performance in any enterprise. Keeping those metrics simple, if possible, is ideal. Can overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) provide that kind of snapshot information to manufacturers? [Read More...]

Wearable Technology Is Coming to a Business Near You

The market for wearable tech is expected to grow from $9 billion last year to $30 billion by 2018, according to Shane Walker at IHS Global Insights. Perhaps the biggest market for Google Glass is the business sector. [Read More...]

Finding the Key to Big Data Success

When it comes Big Data projects, companies shouldn’t let the IT department do the driving, according to a number of experts presenting at last month’s Data Warehouse Institute World Conference. [Read More...]

Six Key Criteria for Selecting a Manufacturing ERP Solution

By Al Bredenberg

Choosing and implementing an ERP software package is a costly and time-consuming venture for many manufacturing organizations. [Read More...]

Like It or Not, You Need a BYOD Policy

By Faye Rivkin

Bring your own device (BYOD) is an increasingly common business policy that encourages employees to use their own smart devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops, to access company data. Executives consider BYOD “the gateway to greater business benefits,” according to a 2012 Cisco study. [Read More...]

RFID Technology Adds a New Level of Productivity to EAM Systems

By David Sims

Managing an enterprise’s assets requires strict policies, disciplined operations and labor-intensive inventory audits -- regular inventory audits are frequently required as part of compliance with such laws as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 as well. [Read More...]

How to Implement Automated Software Solutions for Manufacturers

By Ahvi Spindell

One of the big incentives to use automated software solutions for manufactures is the desire to expand capacity and serve more customers, which translates into increased sales. But finding the right software and implementing it can be a challenge. [Read More...]

Using Social Media to Minimize the Impact of a Recall

By Ahvi Spindell

In the event of a manufacture’s recall, fixing a damaged product may be the least of the concerns that needs to be addressed. Customer safety and brand reputation that could impact the bottom line for a long time could be at stake. [Read More...]

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