Breaking Bad (Big Data)

By Al Bredenberg

Manufacturers are diving into Big Data to sharpen their decision-making. However, they are getting subpar results from being unable to break down the organizational silos that undermine their efforts to extract the most value out of their data. [Read More...]

Spotlight: Brian Courtney, GE, on Industrial Internet’s Big Data Opportunities and Big Challenges

GE's Brian Courtney is a bit like an explorer in the newly discovered, uncharted territory of industrial Big Data. After all, what engineer wouldn't want to know what was happening with every piece of equipment on the assembly line or every product unit in service out in the field every day? [Read More...]

Why B2B CRM Systems Fail

By David Sims

In a May 2013 research brief, Aberdeen Group states, “’Know thy Customer’ is a universally acknowledged practice in the business-to-business (B2B) space.” But it says enterprises and small companies alike fail to consistently maintain an accurate database of, and strategic insight into, their prospects and customers. [Read More...]

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