Wearable Technologies Could Make Manufacturing Immersive Hyper-Experience

By Al Bredenberg

From detailed, hands-free machine diagnostic walk-throughs to capturing real-time, in-cycle machine data, digital manufacturing is hinging on wearable technology tools like Google Glass. The cutting-edge form factor will also have applications in related areas such as warehousing and maintenance. [Read More...]

Next-Generation Firewalls Fend Off New Sophisticated Cyberthreats

By Al Bredenberg

Operating connected systems and networked infrastructure with so-called advanced persistent threats, such as cyber-espionage organizations, always looming has meant the need for advanced firewalls that go deep to find vulnerabilities. [Read More...]

Persistent Security Threats Push Organizations to Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring

By Al Bredenberg

Vulnerability management is a fact of life for business organizations. Companies have to monitor the behavior of its people, but cloud computing and mobile devices are introducing threats that need to be mitigated. [Read More...]

Companies Want to Get Social in their Enterprise Collaboration

By Al Bredenberg

Collaboration technologies are allowing employees to communicate in real time and work together more easily across enterprises of all sizes. But research suggests that many companies are lagging behind in taking advantage of such tools and the potential they promise for organizational effectiveness. [Read More...]

M2M Communication Is Prelude to "Smart" Manufacturing Systems

By Al Bredenberg

Manufacturers are already starting to take advantage of machine-to-machine communications, using gathered data analytics for predictive machine maintenance. The eventual pinnacle is completely automated plant floors that self-adjust to conditions, customize products, and optimize energy usage. [Read More...]

Breaking Bad (Big Data)

By Al Bredenberg

Manufacturers are diving into Big Data to sharpen their decision-making. However, they are getting subpar results from being unable to break down the organizational silos that undermine their efforts to extract the most value out of their data. [Read More...]

Even Small Manufacturers Need Robust Cybersecurity

By Tracey Schelmetic

Once upon a time, manufacturers didn’t worry very much about the security of their machinery and processes beyond simply locking the doors. Today, of course, more and more equipment is networked to enable information sharing. [Read More...]

Mobile Workforce Stresses Need for WAN Optimization

Workers toting laptops, smartphones, or tablets can access needed information no matter where they are, using 4G or Wi-Fi, be it at a client’s location, on the road, or even at home. It gives workers what they need to do their jobs more effectively. But many businesses, strapped with budget constraints, are hitting the wall, with suddenly overburdened servers and wide area networks (WAN). [Read More...]

Wearable Technology Is Coming to a Business Near You

The market for wearable tech is expected to grow from $9 billion last year to $30 billion by 2018, according to Shane Walker at IHS Global Insights. Perhaps the biggest market for Google Glass is the business sector. [Read More...]

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