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Manufacturer*, Custom Manufacturer Custom manufacturer of air pollution control equipment & systems. Types include low emission air heaters, paint curing oven and heaters, air make up units, thermal and catalytic oxidizers, heat recovery systems, and coil coating oven and ventilation systems. Capabilities include designing, manufacturing, installation, integration, commissioning, training, repair, engineering & annual check-ups. NFPA, FM, CSA, UL, CE & AGA compliant.
Manufacturer* Manufacturer of air pollution control equipment & filters including RF dust control filter, AC fabric filter, washdown, pneumatic conveying, dry fogging, rotary car dumper, fire protection & PLC control systems.
Turnkey Systems Integrator*, Manufacturer, Service Company Manufacturer of air pollution control systems & equipment. Products include dense phase conveyors, dilute phase conveyors, air activated gravity conveyors, integrated control systems, pneumatic blenders, dust collectors, bag handling machinery, switches & diverters, transporter cones, air pad discharges, air locks, rotary air locks, vacuum filter receivers, blower packages, blending cones, blending vessels, dust filters, side entry & top removal dust collectors, bulk bag unloaders, bag dumps, air filters, pipes, bends, elbows, bin fill valves, bin dischargers & aerators. Services including material testing, installation, technical assistance, on-site start up, turnkey services & systems training.
Manufacturer* Manufacturer of air pollution control equipment and systems. Capabilities include turnkey installation, drying, engineering and designing. Automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical, electronics, ethanol and biofuels, metallurgical, wastewater treatment, petrochemical and other industries served. 24/7 services available.
Custom Manufacturer* Custom manufacturer of industrial air pollution control heat exchangers. Available with 100 cfm to 100,000 cfm flow rate. Various features include welded construction, compact design, cleanable and vertical or horizontal units and robust primary seal welds.
Custom Manufacturer*, Manufacturer, Service Company Oxidizer, incinerator, oven & controls inspection, component fabrication, repair, replacement & maintenance consulting services.

Brands: Crouzet, Curtis Industries, Emerson, IDEC, IPD, ISSC, Leviton, Power-One, Red Lion, Sola/HD, Square D, Staco, Turck
Manufacturer*, Custom Manufacturer Custom manufacturer of industrial process heating & manufacturing equipment including air pollution control equipment, air pollution control systems including batch or conveyorized industrial ovens, heat cleaning ovens dryers, batch type heat treating or metal melting furnaces & kilns, process air heaters & combustion chambers, make-up air heaters, batch or conveyorized spray washers, fume incinerators, heat recuperation systems, exhaust eductors, paint spray booths, "packaged" burner & control systems, textile systems, immersion heated solution tanks & low explosive limit (LEL) monitoring & control.
Custom Manufacturer*, Manufacturer Manufacturer of standard & custom air pollution control equipment. Products include fume scrubbers, mist eliminators, exhaust hoods, exhaust fans, duct systems, atmospheric evaporators, odor control systems, air strippers & holding/bulk storage tanks. Air pollution control equipment is fabricated in corrosion resistant plastic materials including PVC, CPVC, polypropylene, Kynar®, solid fiberglass & fiberglass reinforced plastics. Capabilities include designing, engineering, consulting, installation, on-site inspection, preventive maintenance & repairing.

Brands: Vanaire
Turnkey Systems Integrator*, Distributor, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company Manufacturer & designer of air pollution control equipment & systems. Products include air cleaning, volatile organic compound (VOC) destruction & acid gas neutralization systems & general industrial ventilation systems. Meets AISC, ACGIH, AMCA, ANSI, MACT, NFPA, OSHA & SMACNA standards.
Service Company*, Distributor Distributor of air pollution control equipment and systems including dust collectors. Types include cyclone, baghouse, cartridge, portable, combustible and wood working dust collectors. Various capabilities include mechanical engineering, fabrication, designing and installation. 24/7 emergency hotline services are available.
Manufacturer* Manufacturer of air pollution control systems & equipment. Products include automatic drain & manual drain filter separators & oil removal filters. Filter separators are used for removing water, dirt & rust from compressed air system. Oil removal filters remove oil particulates from compressed air systems. Mounting brackets are available for filter separators. OSHA & CE compliant. Available with 1 year warranty.
Turnkey Systems Integrator*, Manufacturer Manufacturer of standard & custom process control equipment & systems including air pollution control equipment & systems. Services include engineering, designing, process automation, fabrication & erection, pilot plant & laboratory services, specialty designs & modifications, testing, project management, documentation & technical support. Markets served include industrial chemical, fertilizer, food, pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries.
Custom Manufacturer* ISO 9001:2008 certified. Custom manufacturer of furnaces, insulating materials and accessories. Various insulating materials and accessories include aluminum and PVC jackets and fittings, safety equipment, curved sidewall segments, cut and clip banding, cut and curl PVC products and expansion joints. Various capabilities include engineering, repairing, inspection, construction, fabrication, maintenance, blasting, straightening, installation and heat treating. Aerospace, power generation, petroleum, oil and gas, cement, lime, chemical and process industries served. Turnkey systems integration services available. 24/7 service available.
Manufacturer* Manufacturer of air pollution control equipment & systems including flame ionization detectors & flammability analyzers. Flame ionization detectors are used to measure the emissions of total hydrocarbons (VOC's) in the parts-per-million range from oxidizer stacks, adsorption beds, & process vents. Flammability analyzers are used on the inlet duct of incinerators to monitor for flammable levels of gases & vapors, preventing fires, explosions or catalyst destruction. Features include direct mount design, fast response, & elimination of heat traced sample lines.
Custom Manufacturer*, Manufacturer Custom manufacturer of air pollution control equipment including dust collecting systems. Types of dust collecting systems include cyclone & pulse jet dust collectors. Constructed of mild steel, stainless steel or castables & are suitable for high temperature, high pressure & abrasive applications. Pulse jet dust collecting systems are constructed of carbon or stainless steel & are equipped with standard top bag removal, ladder & guardrail, support legs, solid state timer, anti-static, high efficiency or high temperature bags & optional walk-in plenum. Pulse jet dust collecting system specifications including operating pressure ranging from 2 in. to 30 in. wg., number of elements ranging from 16 to 500 for 151/188 sq. ft. areas to 4700/5890 sq. ft. areas. Cyclone dust collecting systems are available with air flow ratings ranging from 1,050 cfm to 198,000 cfm.
Manufacturer*, Custom Manufacturer Custom manufacturer of air pollution control equipment including dust collectors for welding & mixing applications. Dust collectors are available with cartridge filters, air solenoid valves, venturi, inspection panel, 208/230/460, 60 Hz, 3-phase direct drive blower & motor.

Brands: GFS
Manufacturer*, Custom Manufacturer Manufacturer of air pollution control equipment & systems. Types include recuperative thermal oxidizers, recuperative catalytic oxidizers & regenerative thermal oxidizers. Applications include control of VOCs, smoke & odor. Services include system designing, installation, rental services & flat bed lamination. Turnkey systems are also available. Markets served include packaging, printing, paper & film converting, textiles, electronics, medical manufacturing, OEM & plastics.
Custom Manufacturer* Custom manufacturer of air pollution control equipment. Various products include hoods, clarifiers, covers, process vessels, linings, tanks, ducts, scrubbers, vanes, mist eliminators, gas risers, stacks, stack liners, vats & pipes. ASME RTP certified.

Brands: Augusta
Manufacturer* Manufacturer of air pollution control equipment & systems. Air pollution control equipment & systems include air stripper off-gas for VOC control, phosphine abatement fumigation for agricultural product storage locations, mercury/dioxin control for municipal waste incinerators, hazardous waste incinerators & medical waste facilities & VOC removal from soil vapor. Air conditioning & purifying equipment & system technologies include activated carbon, biological oxidation, chemical adsorption/wet scrubbing, manhole, vent stack & PE carbon drum adsorbers. Air purification systems are available in various models with flow capacities up to 8000 plus cfm, 7200 plus cfm, 25,000 cfm, 3300 cfm & 30,000 cfm.
Manufacturer* Manufacturer of air pollution control equipment including round & rectangular dip coating pots, wax droppers, agitated dispensing tanks, constant level tanks, thermal sealing hot plates, single burner hot plates, double burner hot plates, digital display solder pots, round & rectangular solder pots, wave solder pots, fine & solid wire solder, non-portable heaters, drum & barrel heaters, flash heaters, urn heaters, band heaters, tubular heaters, strip heaters, & hot melt strippable coating. Also available custom made. Applications include industrial, laboratory, pharmaceutical, masking, plating, & commercial.

Brands: Waage
Manufacturer*, Custom Manufacturer Manufacturer of industrial air pollution control equipment including humidifiers. Types include adiabatic, direct space, in-duct and mobile humidifiers. Available with an operating temperature of 30 degrees F to 50 degrees F and 1.5 GPH to 3 GPH capacity. Features vary depending upon models and include no wet-spots, wall mounted or inserted into ducts, non-clogging mechanisms, non-wetting humidity control and dust suppression. Control units, controllers and relative humidity sensors accessories available. Humidifiers allow 1% to 99% humidity control. Suitable for conserving energy and water and eliminating mold, bacteria, viruses and insects. Made in USA.

Brands: Smart Fog
Custom Manufacturer*, Distributor Distributor of air pollution control equipment. Capabilities include on-site evaluation, engineering design, manufacturing, installation and start-up. Various other products available include tanks, mixers, skimmers, pipe, pumps, liners and gratings.
Manufacturer*, Custom Manufacturer Manufacturer of specialized vacuum cleaners designed for specific industrial applications. ISO 9001: 2008 certified, ATEX certified, CSA approved, complete line of explosion proof/dust ignition proof vacuum cleaner systems for the recovery of combustible and flammable materials, vacuum systems with manufacturer certified HEPA and ULPA filters for cleanroom applications and vacuums for all heavy-duty applications in hazardous locations such as metalworking/powder coating, aerospace and the food industry. Available in both electric or pneumatic (air) operated versions. Application-specific accessories such as overhead cleaning devices, carbon filter cartridges /pellets and dustless sanding equipment will comply with OSHA regulations and NFTA standards.
Custom Manufacturer*, Manufacturer Custom manufacturer of air pollution control equipment & systems with spiral pipe. Type of air pollution control equipment & system includes metalworking, woodworking & plastic systems. Air pollution control systems are available in 4,000 fpm, 4,500 fpm & 5,000 fpm velocity. Components of air pollution control systems include laterals, reducers, elbows, blast gates, clean-outs, floor sweeps, hose, manifolds, hoods, clamps, bellmouth & duct sealants.
Manufacturer* Manufacturer of standard & custom industrial heating equipment. Products include drop bottom furnaces, car bottom furnaces, gantry furnaces, age & annealing furnaces, box furnaces, mesh belt conveyor furnaces & heating elements. Replacement parts such as quenchant supplies, baskets/liners, castings, silicon carbide tubes & thermocouples are also available. Repair services for refractory linings, electrical elements, burners, internal baffles, baskets, quench tank & electrical diagnostics. Quenchant testing & field equipment installation services are also available. Made in USA