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Harper International - Buffalo, NY Browse our catalog of products
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Custom manufacturer of furnaces for different atmosphere temperatures. Specifications include temperature ranging from 600 degrees C to 2800 degrees C. Capabilities include furnace renovation, control system upgrades & repair services. Replacement parts include kiln furniture, thermocouples, elements & retorts.
AFC-Holcroft - Wixom, MI
Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of custom heat treating atmosphere furnaces for industrial applications. Types of furnaces include batch, non-ferrous, pusher, continuous belt, rotary & roller hearth, walking beam, car bottom, single layer, sintering, pit, luminous wall & box type furnaces. Furnaces are suitable for various industries including aerospace, agricultural equipment, aluminum foundry & forging, appliance, automotive, bearing, ceramics & glass, construction, marine, mining, oil & wind energy.
L & L Special Furnace Co., Inc. - Aston, PA Browse our catalog of products
Distributor, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Manufacturer of standard and custom bell and front loading retort atmosphere furnaces. Various features include insulation systems, hearth and atmosphere controls. Toll firing services available. One year warranty. Made in USA.
Kleenair Products Co., Inc. - Clackamas, OR
Custom Manufacturer
Custom manufacturer of controlled atmosphere furnaces with 3,450 degrees F operating temperature. Various types also include batch, continuous, heat treating, forging, car bottom, sintering, titanium aging and gas fired furnaces. Various industries served include aerospace, mining, military, automotive, electronics and investment casting. Turnkey operations available.
Procedyne Corp - New Brunswick, NJ Browse our catalog of products
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Manufacturer of standard and custom controlled atmosphere furnaces. Other types of furnaces include heat treating, batch, sand core, debonding and mold debonding furnaces. Standard furnaces are also available.
Seco/Warwick Corp. - Meadville, PA
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Manufactures heat treating equipment used both with & without protective atmospheres in a wide range of configurations for most heat treatments including annealing, austempering, brazing, carburizing, carbonitriding, forging, forming, hardening, nitriding, quenching, tempering & stress relieving. Offer material handling equipment, quench systems, protective atmosphere systems & cooling equipment to create a complete manufacturing cell including batch & continuous systems: roller hearth, rotary retort, mesh belt, cast link, pusher, rotary hearth, rotary retort, specialty box, pit & bell furnace, quench systems, exothermic, endothermic & dissociated ammonia generators.
Brand Names: Accubraze, Active Only, Ammogas, Casemaster, Endogas, Exogas, Whirl-A-Way
Ulvac Technologies, Inc. - Methuen, MA
Manufacturer, Service Company
Global manufacturer of atmosphere furnaces. Microscope high temperature heating systems, standard rapid heating/cooling systems, compact rapid heating/cooling systems & variable atmosphere rapid heating/cooling systems are available.
Brand Names: Ulvac
The Rose Corporation - Reading, PA
Distributor, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Distributor of controlled atmosphere furnaces. Capabilities include building furnaces up to 8 ft. & rebuilding up to 11 ft. furnaces, fabrication, custom machining, blasting & painting.
Consolidated Engineering Co. - Kennesaw, GA
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Custom manufacturer of controlled atmosphere furnaces. Furnaces are available for annealing, normalizing, stress relieving, homogenizing, preheating & reheating applications.
Brand Names: CleanCast
Wellman Furnaces, Inc. - Shelbyville, IN Browse our catalog of products
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Custom manufacturer of furnaces including annealing, atmosphere, batch & bench. Other furnaces include roller hearth, vacuum, rotary hearth, mesh belt, radiant coil & bell furnaces. Roller hearth furnaces include direct-fired & atmosphere furnaces for temperatures to 2100 degrees F (1150 degrees C). Fuel-fired or electrically heated designs are available. These furnaces are suitable for lamination annealing, tube annealing & other processes like reheating molybdenum & tungsten sheets for rolling. Features a pulse-fired combustion system.
Thermal Specialties - Tulsa, OK
Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9001:2008 certified. Custom manufacturer of air or atmosphere furnaces for industrial applications. Various capabilities include engineering, repairing, inspection, construction, fabrication, maintenance, blasting, straightening and installation. Suitable for annealing, carbonitriding, carburizing, hardening, normalizing, stress relieving, brazing and hardening applications. Turnkey systems integration services available. NFPA compliant. 24/7 services available.
The Sentry Co. - Foxboro, MA
Manufacturer of atmosphere control heat treating furnaces. Includes tool hardening & blocks which, at hardening temperatures, are slowly consumed, generating a protective carbonaceous atmosphere.
Carbolite - Watertown, WI
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Manufacturer of atmosphere furnaces including industrial atmosphere furnaces for processing relay components. Features include maximum operating temperature of 1150 degrees C, temperature uniformity of plus/minus 5 degrees C between 900 degrees C - 1150 degrees C, usable retort volume of 0.4 cu. m, spiral wire elements on 4 sides of chamber & maximum power of 72 kW.
Brand Names: Carbolite
Ipsen - Cherry Valley, IL
Manufacturer, Service Company
Manufacturer & distributor of atmosphere furnaces. Types include continuous pusher, batch, semi-continuous, controlled atmosphere & tempering furnaces. Various features include dual-cleaning solution washers, energy efficient burner systems, variable-flow agitators, directional baffles, open-top refractory chain channels, top-mounted quench heaters, bung-mounted fans & radiant tubes, elevator-powered bottom loading, separate diffusion chambers, process control software & optional ceramic muffles.
Brand Names: Ipsen
Inductotherm Corp. - Rancocas, NJ
Manufacturer, Service Company
Design & manufacture of vacuum & controlled atmosphere induction melting & remelting systems used in the manufacturing of ultra-high-temperature advanced materials such as carbon carbon. Solid state power supplies specifically tailored to the demands of cold crucible melting & graphite heating. Vacuum melting furnaces range from small vacuum furnaces with capacities measured in grams to giant vacuum furnaces with capacities of 60 ton & more. Power window ladle systems allow placing a transfer ladle directly into an induction coil, melting, stirring, degassing & temperature modifying the metal & then moving the ladle to a casting or holding station.
Brand Names: Acutrak, Dura-Line, Galvalume, Inducto-Flex, Meltminder, Mini-Melt, VIP, Visipour
S.M. Engineering & Heat Treating, Inc. - North Attleboro, MA Browse our capabilities profile
Distributor, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Custom manufacturer of furnaces including controlled atmosphere furnaces. Available as heat treating furnaces. Heat treating furnaces such as conveyor belt furnaces, strip quench furnaces, multiple tube strip furnaces, batch furnaces, pusher batch furnaces and retort furnaces are fabricated. Capabilities include heat treating, annealing, hardening, quenching, brazing and stress relieving. Furnace calibration, rebuilding and repairing services are available. Made in the USA.
Consarc - Rancocas, NJ
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Manufacturer of standard and custom controlled atmosphere furnaces. Types of furnaces include vacuum arc remelting (VAR) furnaces, electroslag remelting (ESR) furnaces, vacuum induction melting (VIM) furnaces, vacuum precision investment casting (VPIC) furnaces, induction skull melting (ISM) furnaces, induction vacuum ladle (IVL) furnaces, vacuum brazing furnaces, vacuum de-oiling furnaces, vacuum heating furnaces, silicon furnaces and vacuum cap (VCAP) furnaces. Products such as halogen purification furnaces, quartz tube furnaces, button arc furnaces and graphitising furnaces can be fabricated.
Brand Names: Consarc
Rhode Island Heat Treating Services - Providence, RI
Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Full service industrial heat treating with processes that include vacuum heat treating, five-bar quench, induction hardening, precipitation hardening, gas nitrating, gas carbon restoration, aluminum oxide, black oxide, vapor honing, cryogenic processing, pack hardening, straightening, glass bead, passivation vacuum, induction, annealing, beryllium copper, ferritic, nitro-carburizing.
Dehumidifier Corporation of America - Cedarburg, WI Browse our catalog of products
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Manufacturer of standard and custom of atmosphere furnaces. Types include indoor separated combustion and outdoor gas duct furnaces. Available with 75,000 btu/hour to 400,000 btu/hour input. Various features include 20 ga. aluminized steel cabinets, 409 stainless steel drip pans, heat exchangers and burners, power exhauster motors and two stage gas valves. UL listed. Made in USA.
FCS Fluidaire Cleaning Services, Inc. - New Brunswick, NJ
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Manufacturer of standard and custom atmosphere furnaces including convection & gas-heated thermal systems for cleaning applications. Atmosphere furnaces are available in various models with specifications including 1.355mm x 0.850 mm x 1.716 mm to 4680 mm x 3070 mm x 4620 mm oven dimensions, 1600 mm x 530 mm x 1130 mm to 3200 mm x 1530 mm x 2130 mm trolley dimensions, 26/21 cu. mN/hour to 81/58 cu. mN/hour gas consumption, 470 degree C cleaning & 800 degree C post combustion temperature, 220 V voltage, 50 Hz frequency & 0.5 kW power, 6 kW to 11 kW burner capacity, 18 cu. m/hour to 30 cu. m/hour compressed air, 20 mbar to 100 mbar pressure. Atmosphere furnaces are suitable for cleaning organic contamination from metal parts including needle valve nozzles, hooks, jigs, fittings, extruder dies, breaker plates, mixers, valves, polymers & hot runners.
Brand Names: CompactClean, MaxiClean
GT Advanced Technologies (formerly Thermal Technology LLC) - Santa Rosa, CA
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Custom manufacturer of vacuum controlled atmosphere furnaces for reaction bonding of silicon nitride & silicon carbide ceramics. Furnaces are available with capacity ranging from capacities from 0.1 cu. ft. to 3.5 cu. ft. volume ranging from 0.1 cu. ft. to 2 cu. ft. & hearth capacity ranging from 10 lbs. to 200 lbs. Features include vacuum chamber, heat zone, power supply, vacuum pump & programmable control system. Options include stainless steel chambers, water jacket, flanges, blowoff port, burnoff tower & safety interlocks.
Thermo Transfer, Inc. - Shelbyville, IN
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Custom manufacturer of heat treating equipment including furnaces for use with or without atmosphere gas. Types of furnaces include roller hearth furnaces, mesh belt furnaces, box furnaces & integral quench furnaces. Roller hearth furnaces can be direct open fired, indirect fuel fired or electrically heated. Continuous mesh-belt furnaces are used for hardening, tempering & as ovens. Applications of integral quench furnaces include annealing, carburizing, clean hardening & carbon nitriding.
Nitrex Metal Technologies, Inc. - Burlington, ON
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Manufacturer of heat treating equip. Metal heat treating service
Qtran Corp. - Fort Worth, TX
Design, manufacturer & rebuilding of industrial furnaces & ovens. Includes carbottom furnaces, annealing & normalizing furnaces in steel foundries & carbon baking systems at temperatures up to 2100 degrees F requiring not only thermal but positive pressure control. Both of these carrying heavy loads on a hard cast insulating car top.
Nitrex, Inc., Indiana Operations - Franklin, IN
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Heat treating of any kind: nitriding, nitrocarburizing, vacuum, quench & temper, carburizing, carbonitriding, cryogenic treatment, brazing & many others. Commercial services, new furnaces, control systems, software & retrofits.
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