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ENCON Evaporators - Hooksett, NH
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Manufacturer of evaporation systems for wastewater, desalination, distillation and potable drinking water. Three product lines; drum evaporators, thermal evaporators and MVC (Mechanical Vapor Compression) evaporators give a capacity range from 200 gallons per week up to 1800 gallons an hour. From Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) evaporators that produce a distilled water product, to waste oil evaporators that burn free waste oil, to thermal evaporators which include systems that burn off-spec landfill gas; evaporators has a solution for your industrial and commercial wastewater applications. Materials of construction available include 316L stainless steel, super stainless alloy & Hastelloy®.
ProChem, Inc. - Elliston, VA
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of industrial water and wastewater treatment systems and chemical treatment programs. Offers a full range of industrial water treatment solutions that reduce waste, extend the life of treatment equipment, eliminate compliance issues, and reduce or eliminate discharge through water recycling/reuse technology. Serves as a single source from system design, manufacturing, and installation to on-site operational services, paired with ongoing technical support.
Smith & Loveless, Inc. - Lenexa, KS
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Offers a complete range of aerobic, biological wastewater treatment systems to meet the varied needs of industry, commercial facilities, municipalities & private development. Broad system list ranges from innovative membrane bioreactors, patented sludge busting biological processes & complete extended aeration plants. Pre-engineered systems come in factory-built & field-erected configurations, handling capacities from 1,000 gallons per day to 5 million gallons per day. All systems are tailored to meet design requirements for centralized & decentralized, off-grid applications.
Brand Names: S&L
Evoqua Water Technologies - Alpharetta, GA
Distributor, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Manufacturer and distributor of wastewater purification equipment and systems. Products and applications include alkaline cleaner recovery, biological wastewater treatment systems, chemical feed and control, disinfection, hazardous waste treatment, industrial wastewater pretreatment, oil water separation, secondary wastewater treatment, tertiary wastewater treatment, water quality analyzers and process control, Archimedes/screw pumping, BOD and COD reduction, clarification and sedimentation, dissolved metals removal, hexavalent chrome removal, nutrient removal, primary wastewater treatment, spent caustic treatment and TOC reduction.
Heron Innovators - Rocklin, CA Browse our capabilities profile
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Manufacturer of wastewater treatment equipment for applications including oily wastes, the textile industry, the mining & metallurgical industries, chemical & pharmaceutical manufacturing, agricultural waste, food processing & more. Standard features include dual compartment conditioning tanks, coagulant metering pumps, polymer activation systems, emulsion generators, flotation separators, dewatering conveyors & NEMA 4X electrical control panels containing all controls, displays & motor drives.
DELUMPER (R) Div., Franklin Miller Inc. - Livingston, NJ
Distributor, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Manufacturer of standard & custom wastewater treatment equipment & systems including grinders, crushers, mills, mixers, granulators, shredders & screening systems. Crushers use impact, shear, compression or abrasion to reduce solid materials to desired particle size. Dual roll glass crushing mills have carbon or stainless steel construction with dual counter-rotating serrated or grooved mills. Shredders can be installed horizontally or vertically with stand, hopper or flange adapter. Screening conditioners take screenings from bar screens & grind, wash, dewater & discharge for disposal. Used & refurbished waste processing machinery is also available.
Brand Names: Definer, Delumper, Destrux, Dimminutor, Screenmaster, Spiralift, Super Shredder, Vulcanator
ClearBlu Environmental - Watsonville, CA
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Manufacturer of standard and custom wastewater treatment equipment such as wedge wire waterfall screens, micro-bubble aeration systems, pH balancing systems, dewatering hoppers, biodigester systems, microbes for organic wastes, drain grates, basins, lift stations, and pond curtains. Products used in wineries, breweries, food processing, wash-bays and industrial applications. Also offers services like designing, building, integration, installation, and maintenance. Monitoring and reporting services are offered as well.
Brand Names: ClearBlu, ClearVue
H2K Technologies, Inc. - Corcoran, MN
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Manufacturer of standard & custom water & wastewater treatment equipment. Carbon adsorption packages, sand & multi-media filters, air stripping packages, oil/water separators, control panels/systems, enclosures, building, trailer & skid systems, thermal convertible oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, tanks, piping & instrumentation are available. Services include system startup, operator training, engineering & turnkey integration. Markets served include consulting engineering, industrial manufacturing, oil, contracting & government. NOWRA, NRWA, NFPA, IEC, IEEE, cUL®US & Water Environment Federation affiliated.
Aerzen USA Turbo Division - Coatesville, PA
Manufacturer of centrifugal, turbo blowers operating up to 600 HP, 11,000 cfm, 22 PSIG. Single-stage, high-speed, radial turbo blowers are designed to meet varying flow & pressure requirements in many different processes. Primary application is waste water treatment with volume flow control in conjunction with a dissolved oxygen (DO) probe. Turbo blowers are frequency controlled, gearless driven machines with lubricant-free aerodynamic bearings. Compact, factory tested, & ready- to-install units. High frequency permanent magnet motor specifically designed for high frequency applications; it steadily maintains its high efficiency over a wide range of operating speeds & loads. The turbo blower shaft rests on air foil bearings & the high frequency drive concept does not make use of any speed increasing gears. There is no need for oil lubrication, therefore no risk of leakage or disposal problems.
Sonford Samplers, Inc. - Lakeville, MN
Manufacturer of fully programmable composite samplers for industrial waste & municipal sewage applications designed for flow-through, dipper type sampling for permanent installations providing hands-off performance. The TC-3 is available in standard & hazardous environment models made of stainbless steel for 1, 2 or 3 waste streams equipped with a pneumatically operated sampling arm for each reservoir. The refrigeration unit for sample storage is UL Listed for safety & uses non-CFC R134a refrigerant. The condenser is fan cooled and the thermostat provides a temperature range from 1 degree to 7 degrees C.
Bio-Microbics, Inc. - Shawnee, KS Browse our catalog of products
Manufacturer of wastewater treatment systems and equipment. Products include decentralized residential and commercial wastewater treatment systems, septic system enhancement wastewater treatment systems, membrane bioreactors, stormwater treatment systems, nitrification and denitrification systems and marine sewage treatment systems. Influent and effluent screening devices, submerged aeration systems, litter control screens, specialty clarifiers and septic tank effluent pumping systems are also available. CE and CSA® certified. ETL and RoHS compliant.
Brand Names: BIO-MICROBICS, BioBarrier, HSMBR, HighStrengthFAST, MarineFAST, MicroFAST, NitriFAST, RetroFAST
Industrial Waste Water Services - Clarkesville, GA
Distributor, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Custom manufacturer of turnkey wastewater treatment equipment including tilted plate, settling, dewatering systems and oil and water separators. Services include long term and emergency rental and leasing.
Noren Products, Inc. - Menlo Park, CA
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Custom manufacturer of aluminum & copper heat pipe heat exchangers & assemblies for use in wastewater threatment applications. Heat exchanger pipes are constructed of a sealed aluminum or copper container with capillary wicking material inner surfaces & are available in a variety of sizes & shapes. Constant temperature heat exchanger pipe maintains a constant temperature or temperature range & diode heat exchanger pipe allows heat transfer in only 1 direction. Flat heat exchanger pipes are available for cooling printed circuit boards or for heat leveling. Flexible heat exchanger pipes are available when some range of motion is required. Applications also include cooling of power modules & TO-3 transistors in sealed enclosures.
Brand Names: AcoustiLock
OCECO, Inc. - Tiffin, OH
Manufacturer of a full line of safety equipment, supplies & products for fire prevention & waste gas disposal used for wastewater treatment & reclamation systems applications. Safety equipment used to monitor, maintain, service & control wastewater treatment systems from preventing flash fires to disposing of waste gas.
Chlorine Specialties, Inc. - Burlingame, CA
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Manufacturer of on-site wastewater treatment equipment & systems including chlorine solution diffusers made from PVC. Diffusers discharge chlorine at velocities from 23 ft./second to 26 ft./second & are suitable for use with pipes up to 36 in. dia.
Enviro-Care Company - Loves Park, IL
Supplier of headworks equipment: Fine and coarse in channel screens. Fine screens for pumped flow. Deep channel screens. MBR pre-treatment screens. Screenings washing, dewatering, conveying. Septage receiving stations. Comminutors
Cleaning Deburring Finishing, Inc. (CDF) - Quakertown, PA
Distributor, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Distributor & custom manufacturer of wastewater treatment & systems includes clarifiers & recycling equipment for commercial applications. Capabilities include removal of contaminants from waste streams including heavy metals, oils & grease & suspended solids. Auto-, semi-auto & manual operation available for waste streams from 100 to 100,000 gallons per day. Water treated for reuse or discharge. Lab facility for wastewater testing available.
Inventive Systems, Inc. - Lexington Park, MD Browse our catalog of products
Manufacturer of electronic alarms & oil-in-water detection systems. Detection systems are available for control applications including detection of oil in water. Industries served include environmental, aviation, marine, petroleum, & automation.
Core-Rosion Products - Locations Browse our catalog of products
Distributor, Manufacturers' Rep
Distributor and manufacturer's representative of process equipment includes mechanical mixers, static mixers, tank with mixer blending stations, filter presses, filter cake driers, clarifiers, pH systems, and evaporators. Industries served include water, wastewater, OEM, aerospace, petrochem, oil production, chemical manufacturing, chemical distribution, metal finishing, and food processing.
Scaletron Industries, Ltd. - Plumsteadville, PA Browse our catalog of products
Manufacturer of wastewater treatment & disposable equipment including mechanical & digital scales & controllers. Types of scales include cylinder, ton cylinder, drum, tank & platform, IBC tote & spill containment scales. Scales are corrosion resistant & are available in capacities ranging from 30 lbs. to 30,000 lbs. Types of controllers include 3-1/2, 4-1/2 & 5 digit & chemical process controllers. CE marked. Five year warranty.
Brand Names: Scaletron
Hydro Quip, Inc. - Seekonk, MA Browse our catalog of products
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Manufacturer of waste & wastewater treatment equipment including treatment equipment for industrial plants, high surface-area bio-media, on-site zero liquid discharge wastewater treatment equipment & stainless steel vats & vessels. Product line includes above & below ground oil/water separators & hopper separators for the removal of free & dispersed non-emulsified oil & settleable solids from waste streams. Separators available in a range of sizes from 2 GPM to 3000 GPM. Constructed of carbon steel, stainless steel or fiberglass. Features include 99.99% removal of free dispersed oil, 20 micron size or larger, high flow rates, non-plugging, high surface area & operating temperatures up to 212 degrees F. Also manufacture evaporators to transfer wastewater from a collection tank & automatically evaporates it in a stainless steel evaporator chamber; inclined plate clarifiers designed for the precipitation & removal of suspended material in water. Wastewater treatment applications include refineries, utilities, oil terminals, airports, parking lots, tanks farms, storm water runoff, vehicle maintenance facilities, bilge water & refueling stations. Products meet EPA Method 413.2 & European Standard EN 858-1. Manufacturing procedures fulfill N 858-1 performance standards. HD Q-PAC for the coalescing media in oil/water separators. Private labeling available.
Precision Finishing, Inc. - Locations Browse our catalog of products
Distributor, Manufacturer, Service Company
Manufacturer of waste treatment systems for heavy metal removal, closed loop recycling & zero discharge of effluent from mass finishing processes including vibratory finishing, tumbling, disc, high energy, drag & spindle finishing. These systems meet EPA regulations while eliminating expensive treatment chemicals. They produce high quality recycling water suitable for reuse in most processes. System types from complete treatment for down-the-drain disposal to recycling of water for reuse. Standard features include wide channel membrane design which can be mechanically or chemically cleaned, high temperature & low pump pressure cutoff, integral cleaning tank, abrasive resistant double mechanical flushed pump seal. Optional features include process & equalization tanks with 45 degrees cone bottom for ease of sludge removal, pH control systems, permeate reuse systems & expandable designs for future growth.
Ives Equipment Corp. - King of Prussia, PA
Distributor, Custom Manufacturer, Manufacturers' Rep, Service Company
Distributor of all types of water treatment valves including air release, check, AWWA, solenoid, ball, butterfly, knife, pilot & PVC valves. Other equipment includes pressure & temperature switches, sensors, actuators, expansion joints, damper drives, pressure gages, diaphragm seals, calibrators, PH, conductivity, ORP & chlorine controls, gas detectors magnetic flow meters, ultrasonic flow controls, gas detectors, heat trace, liquid & Solid level controls. Services include calibration & NIST Certification.
Brand Names: ASCO, Ametek, Apco, AquaMetrix, Asahi/America, Cameron, Clow, Conspec, Controlotron, Demco, EIM,...
Rapid Pump & Meter/ Machinery Services Corp . - Paterson, NJ Browse our catalog of products
Distributor, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Custom manufacturer and distributor of water and wastewater treatment equipment for industrial and municipal applications. Various water treatment equipment include pumps, meters, separators, activated sludge systems, filters, aerated lagoons, reactors, clarifiers, rotors, bubble diffusers, chains, flights, cross collectors, tanks, retention basins, reed beds, electric motor or engine drives, gearboxes, control panels, atomizers and treatment ponds. Capabilities include design, product selection, installation, testing, monitoring, maintenance, retrofitting and repair. On-site and 24-hour services are available.
Brand Names: Allprime, Aurora, Badger Meter, Davis, LMI, Liquitron, Master Meter, Myers, Pentair, RAM, Roots,...
McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems - Frederick, MD
Distributor, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Distributor of complete waste water treatment systems for pressure washing and cleaning waste streams. On-site evaluation, construction & service available for a turn-key system.
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