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8400 Profile Light Load U-cup with Beveled Lips - Inch

Item #: 4180840601625

Parker’s 8400 and 8500 Series u-cups are symmetrical lip seals for use in either rod or piston sealing applications. The thin, flexible lip design reacts to low pressure and provides an extremely smooth, steady movement with less break away force required because of the inherent low friction. Both the 8400 and 8500 u-cups are produced from the same molds. The 8400 style utilizes a beveled lip, ideal for wiping fluid film, while the 8500 design utilizes a flat, scraper lip that yields additional lip interference and wipes contamination away from the sealing edge. Both u-cup profiles are available in a variety of rubber compounds to cover a wide range of applications. While the 8400 and 8500 u-cups are primarily designed for pneumatic applications, More... they can also be used in low to medium pressure hydraulic applications. The pressure range of the u-cups may be extended by incorporating an 8700 back-up ring. Less
8400 Profile Light Load U-cup with Beveled Lips - Inch

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8400 Profile Light Load U-cups with Beveled Lips - Inch - Schematic Diagram

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Company Profile
Item #: 4180840601625
Item #:4180840601625
Item Name:8400 Profile Light Load U-cup with Beveled Lips - Inch
Seal Compound Material Code:4180 - 80A Nitrile(NBR)
4208 - Fluoroelastomer
4259 - Ethylene Propylene
4274 - 85A Nitroxile® ELF
Temperature Range:-10 to 250 ºF
-40 to 250 ºF
-5 to 400 ºF
-65 to 300 ºF
-21 to 204 ºC
-23 to 121 ºC
-40 to 121 ºC
-54 to 149 ºC
Pressure Range:1250 psi
1750 psi
2000 psi
86 bar
120 bar
137 bar
Surface Speed:Up to 1.6 ft/s
Up to 0.5 m/s
Nominal Gland Depth:1/8 to 1 in
Application (Duty):Light Duty Hydraulic
Medium Duty Hydraulic
  • Aerospace
  • Climate Control
  • Electromechanical
  • Filtration
  • Fluid gas handling
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Process Control
  • Sealing & Shielding
Manufacturing Notes
  • Alternate Materials for custom energizer materials : For applications that may require an alternate shell material, please see Materials.pdf for alternate PTFE (Table 3-4) and energizer (Table 3-5) materials.
  • Pressure Range without wear rings see Engineering.pdf (Table 2-4, page 2-5).

Piston Gland Dimension Tolerances
Groove Diameter (A) Tolerance:-.012 to +.000 in
Bore Diameter (B) Tolerance:-.000 to +.009 in
Piston Diameter (E) Tolerance:-.005 to +.000 in
Piston Sealing with PolyPak Seals
Piston seals can be classified in two categories: single-acting and double-acting. The single acting seal is only required to seal in a single direction as system pressure is seen on only one end of the piston (return of the piston in a single-acting system is accomplished either by gravity or spring loading). The double-acting cylinder requires that the piston be sealed in both directions of stroke as system fluid is applied to one side or the other to achieve movement.
PolyPak Gland Dimensions
Groove Width (C) Tolerance:.000 to .015 in
Rod Diameter (A):0.125 to 17.125 in
Groove Diameter (A) (Bore):0.125 to 17.125 in
Bore Diameter (B):0.250 to 18.000 in
Groove Diameter (B) (Rod):0.250 to 18.000 in
Groove Width (C):0.093 to 0.531 in
Throat Diameter (D):0.126 to 17.127 in
Piston (Bore) Diameter (E):0.249 to 17.998 in
PolyPak Material Combinations
PolyPak seals can be configured in numerous o-spring energizer and shell combinations. Table 6-2 represents “standard” combinations. Care should be taken to insure that both the PolyPak shell and its companion o-spring energizer are compatible with the system temperature, pressure, and fluid requirements.

Standard Shell and O-spring Energizer Combinations for PolyPak Seals
  • PolyPak Shell: Molythane®, O-spring Energizer: 70A Nitrile
  • PolyPak Shell: Polymyte® 70A Nitrile, O-spring Energizer: 75A FKM
  • PolyPak Shell: Nitroxile®, O-spring Energizer: 70A Nitrile
  • PolyPak Shell: Ethylene Propylene, O-spring Energizer: 80A EPR
  • PolyPak Shell: Fluorocarbon, O-spring Energizer: 75A FKM
  • PolyPak Shell: All Plastic and Rubber, O-spring Energizer: Metal O-spring
Parker's “smart” part numbering provides for varying standard and custom PolyPak shell and o-spring energizer material combinations. Please refer to the part number nomenclature tables and Technical Data in the PolyPak profile pages for PolyPak shell material options.
PolyPak® Sealing
Parker’s PolyPak® seal is a patented precision molded multi-purpose seal. The Parker PolyPak combines an O-ring type synthetic rubber o-spring with a conventional lip-type seal to produce a unique sealing device capable of sealing both vacuum, high and low pressure.

Conventional lip seals, such as the standard u-cups are prone to leakage under low pressure because little or no lip loading is inherent in the basic seal design. The Parker PolyPak however, is a squeeze type seal and provides high sealability at low pressure. As system pressure increases, additional force is applied to the PolyPak’s seal interface and as pressure continues to increase, lip loading is automatically increased to compensate for this higher pressure and thus maintain a positive, leak-free seal from hard vacuum to over 60,000 psi with proper design and auxiliary devices.

In addition to providing superior sealing in vacuum, low and high pressure applications, the PolyPak seal offers a number of distinct advantages over conventional symmetrical or non-symmetrical u-cup seals including:
  • The PolyPak’s o-spring stabilizes the seal under extreme pressures, preventing seal lip distortion and rolling or twisting in the gland.
  • At low or high temperature extremes, the o-spring maintains lip loading on both I.D. and O.D. of the seal interface.
  • The PolyPak seal can be stretched or squeezed to accommodate oversize cylinder bores and undersize rods. As long as the seal cross-section is correct in relation to the radial groove dimensions, the PolyPak will compensate and maintain proper lip loading.
  • The range of materials available to the user of the PolyPak seal insures the proper combination for abrasion, extrusion, temperature resistance and fluid compatibility which produces high sealability and long life.
Positively-Actuated Back-ups Option
PolyPak seals can be designed with positively actuated back-ups by designating that option in the part number.
Rod Gland Dimension Tolerances
Rod Diameter (A) Tolerance:-.005 to +.000 in
Groove Diameter (B) Tolerance:-.000 to +.015 in
Throat Diameter (D) Tolerance:-.000 to +.009 in
Rod Sealing with PolyPak® Seals
As a general rule, rod seals are more critical in nature than their companion piston seals. With increasing OEM requirements for “dry rod” capability, both to conserve system fluid and avoid leakage, the design and selection of the rod seal can be more challenging than its piston counterpart.

Parker recommends the use of the Type B PolyPak (BPP Profile) for rod seal applications due to its design features, including:
  • Excellent film-breaking capability of the beveled lip design
  • The higher level of lip loading provided by the Type B offers maximum sealability
  • The long body of the design provides maximum stability
Symmetrical Profiles
Parker symmetrical profiles are designed to fit the center of the gland. They are categorized as symmetrical profiles because the shape of the outside diameter sealing lip matches the shape of the inside diameter sealing lip. This symmetrical design, with its centered fit in the gland, allows the profile to function either as a rod or piston seal. Parker’s wide range of profile options, proprietary compounds, and sizes establish Parker as a leader in the industry, providing quality solutions for pneumatic and hydraulic applications.

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