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" helped us discover a local converter shop that makes gaskets out of material. It has been an excellent find and we have been using them for over a year. Better prices and excellent delivery!"

Bruce Barlowe
Purchasing Manager

We sourced for: Electronics and mechanical parts and materials
David Blankenship"'s search features are vital for locating local manufacturers and representatives and for obtaining product information using readily available links to manufacturers websites. Thanks ThomasNet."

David Blankenship
Senior Industrial Estimator
TD Industries

We sourced for: Valves, Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Tanks and Piping
Eddie Hebert" helps streamline searches from the traditional "Google" search engine. This saves us time and money."

Eddie Hebert
Lake Charles Rubber & Gasket Co.

We sourced for: Metal fabrication; plastic manufacturer and fastener distributors and manufacturers.
"I use religiously. My company is a job shop and we are frequently quoting or buying material and services that we are not that familiar with or that go beyond the scope of our capabilities. That's when I turn to ThomasNet."

Lori Wallace
Materials and Purchasing Manager
Carver Machine Works, Inc.

We sourced for: Metal products and services related to metals.
"My company is in the mailing and technology business. We were locked into a contract with numerous clients in this very competitive industry and our supply of pumps dried up. found me over two dozen new vendors to get quotes from. Thanks ThomasNet you saved the day!"

Chris Morianos
Purchasing Agent
Dynamic Technologies

We sourced for: Finding new vendors
Victor Camasi"I received an urgent request from a tier one defense contractor and the parts that were to be purchased were made from a very rare material. I went to ThomasNet and typed in the product after searching Google for about an hour and there it was -- a supplier who carried the material and their contact info. I was able to get my quote back to the customer that very day and we were awarded the job. Thank You."

Victor Camasi
Shorts Tool & MFG

We sourced for: Alloys
"When I first started working for USM they were paying an online service to find products. The service they subscribed to was not nearly as helpful as ThomasNet. We cancelled the subscription. ThomasNet helps me find vendors not only for my hard-to-find items, but also for the everyday items we use in the shop. ThomasNet is a great help."

Cathy Smith

We sourced for: Metals and Hardware
"I had a hard time online finding a manufacturer for some parts After finding ThomasNet I was able to contact multiple manufacturers, of whom 13 responded to my purchase request. I had my part within 24 hrs. This was awesome. Now I am using ThomasNetå¨ very often for my Industrial necessities."

Sergio Gutierrez
Texas Gulf Sales Co., Ltd.

We sourced for: Motors, Servo Motors, Bearings and Belts
"We had a job that needed a special coating. I have been here 12 years and had not heard of this coating.ThomasNet was the resource I used to find the coating and somone to apply it. Thank you ThomasNet!!!!"

Anita Wilson
GEA Rainey Corp.

We sourced for: Service Suppliers
"I searched ThomasNet and found a local supplier of pallets, whose prices were extremely competitive, who were easy to work with and who delivered on time."

Patti Detka
Buyer, Corporate Purchasing
Horsehead Corporation

We sourced for: Lumber, Sprockets, Bearings, Fabricators and Electrodes
Harold Jacobs"I came from marketing and didn't know beans about technical stuff, but I knew ThomasNet as it helped me in the past find customers. Now the shoe is on the other foot and it happens every day. A strange thingamajig is put on my desk and the machinist or boss will say: "get me some more of these". No idea what brand or source. That's when ThomasNet comes to the rescue with a world of technical info so that I know what I'm looking for and then it provides lists of supply resources so I know where to buy the thing."

Harold Jacobs
Purchasing Manager
Precision Products Ltd.

We sourced for: Machine Tools
Daniel Murphy"Even with this slow economy, we still have 2 shifts. Many times standard vendors are out of vital materials. Using ThomasNet keeps the plant moving and our schedules "ON TIME!""

Daniel Murphy
Strahman Valves, Inc.

We sourced for: General products
"Our company is a ship handler and we provide supplies to vessels all over the world. ThomasNet has become a great tool to ease my searching for something I have no luck locating. Using ThomasNet has made my everyday task a lot less stressful. "It's a breeze" to locate a distributor. My job is to keep these vessels supplied with what they need to operate safely on the high seas and to get there job done. ThomasNet seems to help us all in one way or another. Thank you."

Joann Kersey
Technical Purchaser
Ship Supply

We sourced for: Technical products
Cyndy Taschman"We are frequently looking for better sources for parts used in the manufacturing of convertible tops. Rather than do mindless searches of the Internet, which always seem to only bring up sources in Asia, I am able to search for pressed polish plastic sheeting domestically, and find sources locally. I have found many sources for adhesive, reflective tape, metal brackets - one source turned out to be right around the corner from us. I also like using ThomasNet because they will provide me with other categories very similar in name, in which I frequently also found useful sources."

Cyndy Taschman
Robbins Auto Top Co.

We sourced for: Hardware, Plastic Parts, Adhesives, Cloth and Glass
"ThomasNet has helped me find products I had no idea what they were. But I just typed it into the blank and behold suppliers who knew exactly what I was looking for. Some even had the product in stock and could ship right away. For new buyers, seasoned buyers and all in between; ThomasNet will get you on the right track and save you many missed lunches and sleepless nights."

Maxine Hasty
Best Foam Fabricators, Inc.

We sourced for: Foam, Steel, Adhesives, Copper, Chemicals and Wire Forms

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