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Welcome to the premier industrial resource for Chemicals and chemical-related products and services. The manufacturers, distributors and service companies listed in our extensive directory offer a wide range of chemicals, chemical compounds, metals and alloys for all applications, from medical to industrial use. For more listings, please use the search box provided above.

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E & C Chemicals Inc. - Carrollton, GA

Manufacturer*, Distributor

Distributor of in-stock liquid and dry chemicals. Products include citric acid, glycol ether, sorbitol, soda ash, and sodium sulfate. Several packaging options available such as 25 to 50 lbs. bags, 55 gal. drums, 275 gal. totes, 2,000 lbs. super sacks, and tank trucks. Industries served include beverage, export, food, laboratory, and sanitation. JIT delivery available. EPA registered. Meets NSF standards.

Tomorrow Chemicals, a Division of React Chemicals - College Park, GA


Manufacturer of industrial chemicals and cleaners for multiple industries. Stock solutions available with the ability to produce custom formulations. Aluminum and concrete, all-purpose purple, soy and medium-foaming blend, VOC-free, brake parts, concentrated liquid detergents, and degreasers are available. Cleaning products include citrus-based and an array of deodorizers, pressure washer solutions, marine cleaners, auto, truck and trailer wash products, all-weather windshield washing solvents and water-based asphalt release agents. Applications include industrial and commercial, warehouses, food processing, water-based ink cleaning and adhesive removal, sewage disposal and rendering plants, tanneries, aeronautical, highway maintenance, construction, mining, machine shops, oil and gas companies, schools and universities, farming, fleet washing operations, and pulp and paper production. Meets USDA standards.

GFS Chemicals, Inc. - Columbus, OH

Manufacturer*, Custom Manufacturer

ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of standard & custom specialty chemicals specializing in organic specialty intermediates, inorganic chemicals and catalysts, and analytical reagents and solutions. Products include reagent acids, reagent salts, turbidity standards, analytical indicators, analytical solutions, anion standards, bio-refined reagents, buffers, chromatography products, acetylenics & olefins, high purity in-organics, high purity quaternary ammonium salts, HPLC solvents, ICP standard solvents, lithium salts, organic chemicals, organic halogen reagents, organic salts & acids, perchlorate compounds, periodates & iodates, phenanthrolines & bipyridines, rare earth compounds, reagent solvents, silicas & resins, spectrophotometer standard chemicals, technical grade acids, ultra trace metal acids, trace metal acids & Karl Fischer reagents.


Royer, Shawnee

TRInternational, Inc. - Seattle, WA


Distributor of specialty chemicals. Various chemicals include benzylamine, sodium bromide, calcium hydroxide, morpholine, diethylamine, ethyl acetate, triacetin, tetraethylene glycol, sodium ascorbate and sorbitol. Oil and gas, chemical formulators, food ingredients and ink and dye industries served.

Sartomer Americas - Exton, PA


Global supplier of acrylate/methacrylate chemicals, monomers & oligomers used in coatings, inks, adhesives, electronics & composites applications.


M Cure

Prochem, Inc. - Rockford, IL


Manufacturer of inorganic chemicals. Various products available include ACS reagent and inorganic salts, precious metal chemicals, metal foils, powders and shots, metal and rare earth chemicals (acetates, carbonates, oxalates, oxides, nitrates and sulfates), metal alkoxides, organometallic compounds, metal and rare earth halides, biotinylation, hetero-bifunctional and homo-bifunctional crosslinking and iodination reagents, photo-reactive phenyl azides, polyethylene glycol crosslinkers and protein modifiers. Other quantities with bulk or custom packaging also offered.

Wego Chemical & Mineral Corp. - Great Neck, NY


Distributor of industrial chemicals. Types include chemicals such as naphthol, hexanediol, dichloroaniline, ethylhexanol, and aceto nitrile. Available in various grades and forms. Industries served include adhesive, sealant, antifreeze, coolant, and coating. Provides sales, product, logistics, and traffic management, sourcing, safety, regulatory, and quality control services.

Rose Mill Co. - West Hartford, CT


ISO 9001:2000 certified woman-owned manufacturer of standard & custom industrial & technical inorganic chemicals including borates, lubricants, anti-scaling compounds & metal heat treating compounds. Boric acid, borax & specialty borates & powders are available. Metal heat treating compounds such as case hardening & pack hardening compounds are also available. Capabilities include custom powdering, pulverizing, mixing & blending, de-lumping, packaging & private label designing & printing. Made in the USA.

Hibrett Puratex - Pennsauken, NJ

Custom Manufacturer*, Distributor

Distributor of all industrial chemicals and custom manufacturer of industrial cleaning compounds for use in laundries, water treatment (drinking water, waste water), swimming pools, refineries, chemical companies, food processing and handling, restaurants, auto detailing and ice melts. Products include sodium hypochlorite (bleach), sodium hydroxide (caustic), methanol, sulfuric acid (all acids), aluminum sulfate, ferric chloride and nutrient solutions. All ice melting salts. Offers NSF water treating chemicals. Formulating, private label and custom delivery services are offered.

Florida Chemical Supply, Inc. - Tampa, FL

Manufacturer*, Distributor

Manufacturer & distributor of chemicals. Various types include aroma, reagent, hydrotrope, odor control, rust removing & preventing, specialty & water treatment chemicals. Vendor managed inventory programs available. On-time delivery.

Alfa Chemical Corp. - Kings Point, NY


Distributor of standard & custom chemicals including bulk chemicals, fine chemicals, heavy chemicals & specialty chemicals. Bulk pharmaceuticals include acriflavine hydrochloride, gentain violet, acriflavine neutral, mefanamic acid, aminacrine hydrochloride, mepacrine hydrochloride, p-amino benzoic acid, merbromin, benzocaine, mercurochrom, calamine & methylene blue. Markets served include manufacturing, repackaging, research, pharmaceutical, food & cosmetics, universities & hospitals.

The Chemical Co. - Jamestown, RI

Distributor*, Manufacturer

ISO 9001 certified manufacturer & stocking distributor of chemicals for cosmetic industries. Chemicals include glutamic, oxalic, sulfuric, adipic, fatty, nitric, amino, acexamic, ascorbic, benzoic, citric, fumaric, maleic, malic, oleic, retinoic & tartaric acid, ammonium benzoate, ammonium nitrate, bisphenol, caffeine, creatine monohydrate, citrate, creatinine, cysteine, dicyandiamides, E-vitamins, esters, ethylene glycol, enhancers, fructose, glucosamine sulfate, glycerines, glycine, hydrogen peroxide, lactose, melatonin, mesalazine, metacholine chloride, methanol, nicotinamide, nimesulide, niacinimide, pentaerythritols, riboflavin, tacrine, tartrates, tetrahydrofuran, thiamine, vitamins & nutritional & zinc oxide.


Driveron, Elator

JKT Enterprises, LLC. - Canton, MI


Distributor of specialty chemicals for industrial, automotive, and technical applications. Chemicals and solvents include mineral spirits, methanol, lacquer thinner, denatured and isopropyl alcohol, anti-freeze (propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, gas and diesel engine, marine, etc.), cleaning chemicals, refrigerants, DEF, starting fluids, rust preventatives, and more. Also a distributor of metals, storage equipment, and pumping systems. Services include tank cleanout, lab testing, oil reclamation, coolant management, drum/tote management, private label blending, and waste disposal.


Dow, Shell

Liberty Industries, Inc. - East Berlin, CT

Manufacturer*, Distributor, Custom Manufacturer

Manufacturer and distributor of standard and custom chemicals including cleaning agents. Materials include low sodium, low potassium and non-ionic-cationic. Suitable for removing manufacturing residue and normal cleaning of lab hoods, laminar flow work benches and other applications.

Indium Corporation - Locations

Manufacturer*, Distributor, Custom Manufacturer

ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer & distributor of high purity industrial & technical specialty chemicals used in laboratory applications. Types include anhydrous acetate, hydroxide crystalline, hydroxide hydrated, nitrate hydrated, oxide fine, sulfamate plating bath, sulfate anhydrous, sulfate, tin oxide, trichloride anhydrous & hydrated. Chemicals are available in powder forms in purities up to 99.95 percent .

United Resin Corp. - Locations

Custom Manufacturer*, Manufacturer

Manufacturer of chemicals. Aerospace, electronics, automotive, marine and construction industries served. RoHS and REACH compliant. FDA approved. UL listed.

Diamond Needle Corp. - Carlstadt, NJ


Distributor of chemicals. Other products include scissors, tools, safety gloves, abrasives, lubricants, belts & markers. On-time delivery.

Technic Inc. - Locations

Manufacturer*, Distributor

ISO 9001:2008 certified. Manufacturer and distributor of precious metal chemicals. Various products include silver, palladium, platinum, gold, silver oxide and silver carbonate chemical powders. Capabilities include design, fabrication, anodizing, chromating, cleaning, electropolishing and turnkey systems integration. Suitable for semiconductor, industrial, electronics, solar, medical and other applications.

Precision Finishing, Inc. - Locations

Distributor*, Manufacturer, Service Company

ISO 9000:2008 manufacturer of finishing compounds for use in vibratory finishing processes such as accelerated surface finishing, abrasive finishing, burnishing, cleaning, rust inhibiting, descaling, bleaching. Accelerated surface finishing combines the benefits of low RMS, non-directional mass finishing with chemical accelerants. The chemical accelerants significantly reduce the process time for hardened surfaces to achieve a low surface roughness without heavy metal removal & radiusing of the part. From acidic to alkaline & the choices of powder, concentrate or liquid forms, there are over 100 formulations. Each formulation affects the surface preparation process differently. Available in as small as 5-gallon containers to as large as 275-gallon totes.


Saint-Gobain, Sepr

Acton Technologies, Inc. - Pittston, PA


Manufacturer of chemicals including solvents, mercury decontaminant powder and hand creams. Available in various sizes. Suitable for aerospace, automotive, electronics, medicine and semiconductor industries.

Dunbar Sales & Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Bayonne, NJ


Manufacturer of chemicals. Greases, oils, lacquers, paints, coatings, sealants, lubricants, adhesives & corrosion preventive compounds are also available.

French Gerleman - Saint Louis, MO


Distributor of chemicals. Automotive spray deicers, heavy duty cutting fluids, connector oxide inhibitors, heavy duty anti-oxidant compounds, lubricating sealants and smoke detector tester liquids are available. Offered in different specifications. Industries served include OEM, government, commercial and construction.


3M, Carlisle

Bernard Laboratories, Inc. - Cincinnati, OH

Service Company*, Custom Manufacturer

Turnkey contract manufacturer of chemicals for automotive, industrial & technical applications. Products include adhesives, lubricants, personal care products, gun oil & protectants, dish wash detergents & petroleum products. Capabilities include compounding, blending, induction sealing, private labeling, decorating, hand assembly, automatic carton filling & warehousing & distribution. Liquid & semi-solid filling, tube filling, grease cartridge filling & packaging services are available.

Toagosei America, Inc. - West Jefferson, OH


Manufacturer of chemicals including cyanoacrylate instant adhesives, accelerators, setters and primers. Available in different types and formulations with variety of viscosities, curing speeds and gap filling capabilities. Adhesives such as hot melt, light curing, high functional reaction and heat resistant inorganic adhesives are available. Adhesives are designed for bonding different substrates such as ceramics, rubber, elastomer, textiles, metals, wood, plastics and other materials. Can be used for industrial and commercial joining or sealing applications in automotive, transportation, building, construction, furniture, electronics, electric devices, medical and MRO markets.


Aron Alpha, Arontite, Krazy Glue