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Welcome to the premier industrial resource for Lubricants. Whatever the application—automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, industrial or commercial—the manufacturers and distributors featured in our extensive directory offer a vast assortment of lubricants, from oils and greases to solvents and other fluids.

The following listings will help you locate the ideal lubricant source, whether you are looking for a unique synthetic fluid or a standard heavy duty oil. For local distributors and manufacturers, use the state listings provided; for more specific lubricants, browse the related categories or refine your keyword search.

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Lubricants Suppliers

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Dunbar Sales & Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Bayonne, NJ


Manufacturer of aerosol & bearing lubricants available in pints, quarts, drums, pails & tubes. Paints, corrosion preventative compounds, sealants & adhesives are also available.

BDI - Locations


Distributor of a complete selection of industrial & metalworking lubricants, hydraulic oils, cleaners, aerosols, greases, chemicals, solvents, anti-seize, compressor oils, water solvable, single point lubricators & non-aerosol pumps.

Ellsworth Adhesives - Locations

Distributor*, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer

Distributor of lubricant products specifically for the construction, maintenance, and repairing of aircraft structures, engines, and systems. These products enable reduced fuel consumptions, lighter airplane designs, flexibility, large scale production, and reduced emissions.


3M, Alloy Products, Armite, Bondmaster, Camie, ConProTec, Cytec, Dow Corning, Dynaloy, Eclectic, Elastoplastic, Ellsworth, Epoxi-Patch, FISHMAN, Flame Master, Fluid Research, Heartland, Henkel, ITW, Inc., Krytox, Loctite, Michael, Miller-Stephenson, Molykote, Never-Seez, Plas-Pak, Sheepscot,...

Aerospace Lubricants, Inc. - Columbus, OH

Manufacturer*, Distributor

Manufacturer of oils, greases, & synthetic lubricants for automotive, industrial, military, aerospace, & consumer markets.


Alisyn, Tribolube

R.W. Davis Oil Co. - Lilburn, GA


Distributor of many types of lubricants including construction & commercial lubricants, automotive lubricants, diesel fuel lubricants, engine lubricants, oil lubricants. Commercial lubricants for use in crankcases, transmissions, gears, heavy duty construction equipment, final drives, hydraulic systems. Provide protection against wear, rust & corrosion. Multipurpose gear lubricants, multifunctional fluids for use in transmissions, final drives, wet brakes & hydraulic systems of tractors & other equipment with a common fluid reservoir. Lubricants for all types of gasoline & diesel engines, provide performance over a wide range of temperatures & operating conditions, protect against wear, rust & corrosion for bearings, gears, hydraulic systems, compressors, critical machine, motor & engine parts. For the construction industry & commercial accounts such as car dealers, quick lubes, tire stores & manufacturing companies.


76 Lubricants, AMOCO, Chevron, Delo

Motosel Industrial Group Inc. - Seattle, WA


Manufacturer of industrial lubricants. Products include compressor, gear, cutting, metal working, detergent, cold rolling, metal forming, rubber processing, hydraulic, heat transfer, quenching, protective, turbine, wash, drawing, and chain oils. Serves wholesale automotive aftermarket distributors, retail stores, gas stations, and government agencies.



Everlube Products, A Business Unit of Curtiss-Wright - Peachtree City, GA

Manufacturer*, Service Company

ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Rev C certified manufacturer of solid & dry film lubricants & lubricant coatings including PTFE coatings, MOS2 coatings, protective coatings, solid film lubricants, dry film coatings & lubricants, low volatile organic compound coatings, water based coatings & graphite based coatings. Protective coatings are corrosion & chemical resistant. Low volatile organic compound coatings & solid film lubricants are water-based & maintain the performance properties of traditional solvent based solid film lubricants. Applications include harsh environments, chemical processing, semiconductor & oil refinery equipment. Products can be customized to meet exact requirements.


Everlube, Henderlube, Lube-Lok, Lubri-Bond

Lampco Industries - Jackson, MI


Distributor of industrial lubricants such as synthetic coolants, cutting and quenching oils, and cleaners and corrosion inhibitors. Suitable for metalworking applications. Also offers filtration equipment and black oxide finishing services.


Condat, Conoco, Kendall, Mobil, Shell

INCOM Distributor Supply - Locations


Distributor of lubricants. Lubricants include brake & hydraulic fluid, cooling system sealers & flush, degreasers, gas additives, motor & transmission oils, penetrating oil & lithium grease & transmission oil additives.


Aervoe, Alemite, CRC, Klein, LPS, Legacy, LubriMatic, Marvel, Milton, Permatex, Ridgid

TRInternational, Inc. - Seattle, WA


Distributor of lubricants. Various lubricants include carboxy methyl cellulose, tripropylene glycol, perchloroethylene, glycerine, polybutenes and boric acid.

C&L Supply Company, Inc. - Los Angeles, CA


Distributor of industrial lubricants. Types of lubricants include multi-purpose lubricants, engine conditioning lubricants, automatic transmission supplement lubricants, transmission and gear box supplement lubricants, grease lubricants, aerosol lubricants and penetrating aerosol lubricants. Available in different formulations and packaging options. Grease lubricants such as high temperature lithium lubricants and polyurea grease lubricants are available.


Chevron, Extreme Industrial Lubricants, Mobil, Petron Plus

IFG Instruments, Inc. - Barrington, IL

Custom Manufacturer*, Distributor, Finishing Service Company

ISO 9001:2000 certified. Distributor of diesel fuel and oil lubricants. Used for car and truck engines. Various capabilities include welding, brazing, fabrication, machining, stamping and grinding. Serves automotive industry. Lean manufacturing capable. RoHS compliant.

Miller Industrial Fluids, LLC - Indianapolis, IN

Manufacturer*, Custom Manufacturer

ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 certified manufacturer & distributor of standard & custom industrial oil lubricants including automotive oils, compressor oils, hydraulic oils, greases turbine oils, spindle oils, refrigeration oils & transformer oils. Other industrial oil lubricants include vacuum pump oils, base oils, process oils, gear lube white oils, automotive greases, way lubricants oils, grease for food plants, open gear compounds, gear lubricants, rust preventatives & biodegradable hydraulic fluid. Custom industrial lubricants are available in 55 gal. to 6,000 gal. quantities. Applications include automotive, turbines, food plants, refrigeration & industrial gears.

Parent Petroleum - Locations


Distributor of lubricants. Types of lubricants include antifreeze, aviation lubricants & hydraulic fluids, engine lubricants, gear lubricants, grease lubricants, hydraulic lubricants, industrial lubricants & transmission lubricants.


76 Lubricants, Castrol, Conoco, Phillips 66

Superior Petroleum Products, Inc. - Crown Point, IN


Distributor of lubricants. Additional products include synthetic oils, metal working lubricants & oils, fuels, specialty lubricants, oils & solvents, synthetics, bulk, drum, pail, cases. Services include inventory management, product recommendations, total productive maintenance, sampling & analysis, lubrication engineering and technical analysis, laboratory analysis programs, lubrication handling equipment, keep fill programs & next-day delivery.



JKT Enterprises, LLC. - Canton, MI


Distributor of industrial specialty lubricants. Products include straight, soluble, semi- and fully- synthetic, aerospace approved, medical approved, cutting/grinding, water based coolants, hydraulic fluids, gear/compressor/spindle oils, food grade lubricants, greases, automotive lubricants, conventional motor oil, transmission fluids, and more. Also a distributor of metals, storage equipment, and pumping systems. Services include tank cleanout, lab testing, oil reclamation, coolant management, drum/tote management, private label blending, and waste disposal.


AeroShell, Citgo, Condat, Emerson, Gulf, Kluber, Master Chemical, Mobil, Mystik, Pennzoil, Quaker State, Rotella, Schaeffer's, Shell, Starfire, Wolf's Head

Wood Oil Co. - Gardena, CA


Distributor of industrial and commercial lubricants. Products include motor, gear, soluble, hydraulic, turbine, machine, spindle, and compressor oils, greases, and tractor hydraulic fluids. Available in pack, bottle, case, pail, and drum packaging delivered in large bulk quantities or short loads ranging from 50 to 5000 gallons. Services include tank testing and cleaning, fuel cleaning and filtering, fuel pump repair, and old fuel, waste oil, and absorbent removal and disposal services. Serves various markets such as construction sites, equipment rentals, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, golf courses, memorial parks, and landscapers.

Royster Oil Co. - Locations

Distributor*, Service Company

Distributor of lubricants. Types of lubricants include aviation, marine, environmentally safe, fire resistant, gear, metalworking & railroad lubricants. Industries served include automotive, construction, farming, food processing, manufacturing, mining, pulp, paper & forest products, power generation & trucking.


BP, Chevron, Exxon

PWD Lubricants - Warminster, PA


Distributor of oils and lubricants for aerospace, aircraft, aviation, automotive, food grade, marine, and industrial applications. Other products include greases, coolants, inhibitors, fluids, and emulsions. Also offers turnkey lubricant services.


Advanced Lubrication Specialties, Coastal, Kendall, Lubriguard, Phillips 66, Purus

Metro Industrial Supply, Inc. - Garfield, NJ


Distributor of petroleum, synthetics, food grade, EP, gear, non-leak, hydraulics, air line oils, greases, cutting, high temperature, oven chain & compressor lubricants.


Enforcer, Lincoln, Micromax, MiniMax, Techlube, Tribology, Zellweger

CS Unitec, Inc. - Norwalk, CT


Manufacturer of lubricants. Products include solid lubricants, water soluble lubricants, cutting oils, high alloy cutting oils, lubricant pastes and pressurized coolant bottles. Power tool lubricants, air tool lubricants and magnetic drill and saw lubricants are available. Lubricants are available for cutting steel, stainless steel and hard metals.


CAT, Cengar, FOX, Fix, ProLube

F.W. Webb Company - Locations


ISO 9002 certified distributor of lubricants including lube oils, thread cutting oils, synthetic lubricants, super penetrants, silicone spray lubricants, anti-seize lubricants, RTV silicone gasket makers & spray lubricants. Offers vendor managed inventory solutions.


Permatex, Reed

Imagineering Finishing Technologies - Locations

Finishing Service Company*, Manufacturer, Service Company

AS 9001, ISO 14001:2004 NADCAP certified. Application of electroless nickel plating, EN/PTFE, zinc & manganese phosphate coatings, passivation, Mil-Spec & specialty painting, dry film lubricants, non-destructive testing for a variety of industries & applications.

Zatkoff Seals & Packings - Locations

Distributor*, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company

ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer & distributor of lubricants, including anti-seize and coating lubricants. Also offers barium base petroleum grease formulated to facilite installation and extend service life of synthetic rubber seals. Other available lubricants include silicone lubricant that can be used with any rubber polymer and over a wide temperature range.


Super O-Lube

Essentra Components - Locations

Manufacturer*, Distributor

Distributor of industrial lubricants. Products include tapping fluids and bearing greases.